What We Do

GCS Protech Engineering Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company which is well known for its dedicated client service and high quality products that has brought it to top within this short span. We are mainly focused in the manufacturing & supplying of Galvanized Steel, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum products.

We offer a range of Corners, Perforated Sheets, Clamps, Gratings, Cable Trays & Ladders, Customized Hose Reels, MS & SS Angles, Rods, Sheets and Pipes, MS & SS Pipe Fittings and Flanges etc. GCS has a strong experience in its offered product line. We specialize in one offs and batch / mass production and have machinery and expertise to offer a comprehensive range of fabrication products, enabling us to produce high quality products as per customers requirements.

What Makes Us Different..!
Our Quality
A primary goal of GCS Protech Engineering Pvt Ltd. is to achieve the highest standards of quality in all business units practices and operations without compromise. Our object is to continually improve our company performance, while offering our customers superior & cost effective products and at the same time professional & dependable service.
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Minima nihil
Though there are number of steel and aluminium industries in India, what makes GCS more preferred is our commitment towards quality and services. Quality has been and will always be the most important driver behind our success and reputation.
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Daily, personalized advice
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Metal fabrication is a process of manufacturing metal components by changing the raw metal material using various tools. Metal fabrication processes can be classified as cold, warm and hot working depending on the temperature at which the material is processed. The factors, influencing the metal fabrication process are the type of material being machined, the rate of production, the desired geometry and other physical requirements of the part. By us or using our sub-manufactures, we are involved into all types of classifications of fabrications like Forming or Removal of Metals